We, Elite Personnel Training, are a committed team of online trainers in Derbyshire. Whether you are a student looking to update yourself or a business looking to have a trained workforce, our online training courses can make the best option.

We are passionate to keep businesses updated. We have a rich experience and thus have been able to design splendid online courses that come at a negligible cost.

Our Online Courses

If Health and safety training in Derbyshire is what you are searching for, Elite Personnel Training is for you. This includes courses to make your employees aware about first aid, substance hazards, working at height, in confined spaces and so on.

We have online courses designed for Fire safety training in Derbyshire. It is a flexible and efficient course that comes with an affordable price. Fire awareness is made mandatory, so adhere to the legislation besides making your workplace safe with our online interactive course.

We also have some other courses such as Health and Social care training in Derbyshire, Food Safety training in Derbyshire and Business skills.

While Health And Social Care Training involves creating awareness about safeguarding adults and children, infection control, mental health awareness, nutrition, hydration, dignity and privacy, to mention a few, Food Safety training is all about making employees aware of the safety standards for food that is fit for consumption. Business skills training involve conflict resolution, time and stress management, social media for business, data protection in the work place, customer service and disciplinary procedures.

Why Choose Us?

  • Our courses come at a very inexpensive price. So be assured, our trainings do not cost you a fortune.
  • Our courses are interactive. They are one-on-one tutor-led sessions and can get along the pace of each of your employees. So each individual gets the best possible learning experience. Ultimately, it is your business that will benefit.
  • Our courses are efficient and very well designed, so your productivity loss will be negligible.
  • Our training courses are a perfect opportunity for your employees to grow and learn.
  • We are a dedicated team and have designed courses that are suitable for all ages and academic levels. Moreover our online training courses are accredited by leading awarding bodies.
Helps your business abide by the regulations